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We all need assistance from time to time. Perhaps you need help with a multitude of forms or compiling a mailing list. Whether you are facing a deadline or just in need of a second pair of eyes DocUmeant is here for you. DocUmeant can type your document from dictation or "cleanup" your copy. Call us for fast turnaround when you need it most. Let us assist you with our freelance editor & designer services. Platinum Author

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Presentational Skills for the Next Generation PRINT or EBOOK

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This is my latest offering now in its Third Edition. Published byDocUmeant Publishing. It is currently being offered in both print and digital forms. There is a brief preview peek atAmazon in the Kindle version for your review.

One of many Reader Reviews:

This review is for a book that is several "cuts above" the others I've been posting. Are you afraid of giving presentations? Does the very thought of it cause fear? Then this is the eBook for you! I can't stress enough how exceptional and well-thought-out this eBook is. It provides you with all you need to face your next presentation with confidence, and does so with great attention to detail, yet in an easy-to-follow format. - Claudia L. Meydrech, CN


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